Thursday, April 8, 2010

Save the TaTa's!!

I'm beginning this blog to show my support of the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer 3 Day walk! I'll be participating in the 3day walk once again this year- 60 miles over 3 days. This will be my 2nd year to walk/roll- I'm the only person in a wheelchair to do the walk here in Arizona(as far as I know). I'm SO excited to doing my share to help bring a cure to breast cancer.

In Sept, 2009 I lost a dear friend,Marilyn Ehlers, who fought so hard for 17 yrs! I've heard of countless other who have lost the battle or in the battle right now. Sadly we lost my dad to lung cancer in 2002 as well...Cancer sucks!
Please follow along my journey as I prepare to start training here soon. I'll also be updating my fund raising as well! Speaking of fund raising- won't you please help by taking on my challenge-

This will be my 8th anniversary of surviving our motorcycle so I'm challenging all my friends as well as their friends to donate $8 then pass on the info to their 8 friends who will share with their 8, etc etc...if each of those 8 donate just $8 we'll reach our goal of $2300 in no time flat! You all helped me last year so I'm hoping I can count on you again this year! Thank you!!!!